Traffic Tickets

I have defended hundreds of traffic tickets over the last few years and have had a great deal of success. I charge a flat fee of $275. I only defend tickets in Cowlitz County. My clients don't have to appear personally unless they need to provide testimony to support their defense. When no testimony is necessary I can appear for them.

Most of my victories are because of mistakes made by the court, the ticketing officer or the expert sent by the State of Washington. If I get to court and it appears that the State will prevail, I often can defer the ticket in order to protect my client's driving record.

All I need to represent you:

  • A signed retainer agreement
  • a copy of your ticket
  • You will need to send the original ticket to the court with it marked "contested"
  • Payment can be by check or credit card.

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NOTICE: Do not assume that your traffic ticket case has been accepted until you receive a response from this office.