Estate Planning

We've been preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, community property agreements and directives to physicians in Oregon and Washington for over thirty years. If you just want advice about an existing estate plan, we charge our usual hourly rate. If you want to discuss the preparation of an estate plan, there is no charge for the initial appointment. At that appointment, we will give you a quote of what the charge will be and you can decide at that time if you want us to prepare your estate plan.

You should bring the following to you first appointment:

  • An idea of how you want your estate distributed at your death;
  • A general idea of the value of your estate;
  • The names and addresses of anyone you might be considering as the personal representative (executor or administrator) in your will or who you might like to have your power of attorney;
  • Any questions you might have. I would suggest you write them down so we can get them all answered at that first appointment.

If you choose to have us prepare your estate plan, we will prepare a draft for you to review before we finalize it. When it is acceptable, we will finalize the plan and you can sign the plan here in our office. At that time, we can discuss whether you would like us to keep the original in our safe deposit box or if you have a safe place to keep it.